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Always dreamed of becoming a published author but don't know where to start? We have a number of options to help you add PUBLISHED AUTHOR to your resume! From mastermind style writing programs, solo and children's book publishing to collaborative books, we have something for everyone!

Have a powerful story to share but get lost in the logistics? 
Craving community and purpose? To be part of a greater cause?

Check out our diverse range of publishing opportunities

Wherever you are in your writing journey, YGTMedia can help you with all phases and business of your book

Do you have a manuscript or a partially written book? We can help!

Do you have a brilliant idea and some killer notes but no clue what the next steps are? We’ve got you!

Do you love to write but aren’t ready to commit to a 60000-word manuscript, by yourself? We have numerous coauthored book projects to share a portion of your story in the form of a chapter and learn more about the publishing process with your new besties.

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Solo Manuscript Submission

Always dreamed of writing your own book? Apply today to work with our full publishing team to bring your book to life! Click apply below to get started! We offer full-scope hybrid packages and a la carte services to best fulfill your needs.

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Children's Book Submission

Looking to bring a children's book to life? Apply today to work with our full publishing team. We can offer our preferred illustration partners and help with all stages of your children's book! Click apply below to get started! 

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Become a Coauthor

Something magical happens when you team up with like-minded humans to share your experiences with the world. Our collaborative books have 20 authors in one and each contributor writes a chapter. The perfect stepping stone.

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Cassie Jeans

Sabrina Greer

Publisher  + Head of House

Sabrina is a 5x best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and podcast host. Her passion is to help mission-driven humans "birth their brain babies" and share their valuable message with the world. Sabrina is an open book (pun intended) and aims to provide ethical and powerfully transparent service to all of her clients. When she is not reading manuscripts, writing books or publishing - you will find her hanging with Mama Nature!

[email protected]

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Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

Developmental Editor + Writing Coach + Creative Partner

Tania is a 4x best-selling author, podcast host, multi-passionate entrepreneur, founder of The Holistic Warrior Life, developmental editor, wordsmith, writing coach, and creative strategist. Tania has been editing, ghostwriting and creating epic content for her clients for over a decade. She helps authors share their authentic voice and message through coaching and connection with pure heart, soul, and passion. We call her our magical word unicorn, because that she is!

[email protected]

Courtney St Croix

Tanya Royer

Publishing Assistant

Tanya is a wife and mom of three wonderful little ones. She is a former teacher in the Ottawa East region who decided to launch her virtual assistance business to be able to spend more time with her children. Tanya helps busy business owners with the backend of their business so they can concentrate on what's most important. She joins our amazing team as our Publishing Assistant and go-to for all of your questions and needs.
Courtney St Croix

Michelle Fairbanks

Cover Designer

Designer, colour + typography lover and mama of two, Michelle is fuelled by coffee and blessed to live on the beautiful West Coast. Raised on Vancouver Island, it is easy to be inspired by the beauty of the ocean and forest that surround her. With over 20 years of experience, she strives to keep her designs fresh ... simple, clean + beautiful. Specializing in book cover design, she prides herself on being easy to work with.

[email protected]


Courtney St Croix

Doris Chung

Art Director + Graphic Designer

Doris is a serial entrepreneur and a highly motivated individual. She has founded multiple businesses in the printing, graphic design, branding, publishing, marketing, PR and fulfillment sectors. Doris founded PPS Publishing. Liquid Ink and more. A woman on fire, doing amazing things. YGTMama’s partnership with Doris is priceless, as Art Director, she makes it all come to life with so much love.

[email protected] 

Haylee Stamper

Christine Stock

Copy, Line + Technical Editor

Christine joined the team with the launch of  You’ve Got This, Healthy Mama and never turned back. She is a trained copy and technical editor, and powerful writer. Copy editing is a multifaceted job. Ultimately, copy editors strive to meet the four “C’s” of communication: clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness. Christine has edited over one hundred manuscripts and not stopping there.

[email protected]


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Coauthored books allow YOU to become a published author without having to write a 60000-word manuscript.


Our readers can dive into rich and diverse content, feel connected in knowing they’re not alone, and read a variety of stories.

When you join a coauthored book you'll break into the incredible world of being a published author, without the heavy lifting. Our books are raw, vulnerable and full of passion and truth. Sharing our story is a powerful thing. You are giving the gift of shared experience and courage.


YGTMama Media Co. is always opening submissions for innovative and relevant coauthored book programs. Books are limited to 20 authors to keep the content powerful and diverse while also being fair to the writing teams.

Check out our current book programs accepting submissions.

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This book is about the fabric that is motherhood, womanhood and humanity. The tapestry. The single thread that weaves us together, love. These are the stories, while wildly different and diverse, that create the collective voice that connects us all. Raw, vulnerable and wickedly empowering. Woven shows that you are never alone.

Do you have a story? Of course you do . . .

More Information
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Whisper is a collection of real-life stories told by a diverse group of moms who left behind their life in the city to rebuild a simpler life elsewhere. Something shifted for them and a voice inside started to nudge them, work changed, relationships changed, families' needs changed or maybe they were simply following a dream. They took the risk, made the leap and are now sharing their beautiful stories to inspire you.  This book is for you if you've heard the whisper or maybe you have already made the leap to a simpler, more aligned life and here you will feel seen.

More Information
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This is not a "how-to" instruction manual because the truth is, co-parenting is not a one size, fits all model. Co-parenting and blending families is unique to everyone which is why we have curated 20 stories to share with you. Our coauthors are raw and real and hope to empower your journey through healing, hope, love, forgiveness and self-discovery.

More Information

Have an idea for your own co-authored book?

We are accepting Lead Author and Affiliate Partner pitches.

Book your discovery call below.



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Because you are worth it!

At YGTMama Media Co. we are about supporting the dreams of seasoned and emerging authors through collaborative opportunities.

These coauthored books allow you to diversify your portfolio and add, not only a new title to your resume backed by credibility and professionalism but a physical product to your brand and business. You become a partner and an investor in the greater project with a supportive community to back you.

This is not a “program fee”


This is NOT vanity publishing


This is an investment into your career and personal development

We are partners in a collective work. This investment covers book production costs and provides a lot of value in comparison to self-publishing which can be very expensive and full of uncertainty. There's also a number of ways to receive a return on your investment.


How to invest in your new coauthor book!


$1500 CDN + HST

What's included

  • 4-tier professional editing (structural with a 1:1 writing coach + copy + line + technical) {$3000 value}
  • Professional cover design + typesetting + interior book design + formatting {$3000 value}
  • Access to The YGTM Team exclusive community with hundreds of mama influencers + podcasters {Priceless}
  • Amazon guaranteed best selling author marketing campaign {Priceless}
  • Organic marketing + marketing support (custom graphics, access to course modules and coaches) {$5000+ value}

*Payment plans available


Payment Plan

$1500 CDN + HST (over 10 months)

What's Included

  • 4-tier professional editing (structural with a 1:1 writing coach + copy + line + technical) {$3000 value}
  • Professional cover design + typesetting + interior book design + formatting {$3000 value}
  • Access to The YGTM Team exclusive community with hundreds of mama influencers + podcasters {Priceless}
  • Amazon guaranteed best selling author marketing campaign {Priceless}
  • Organic marketing + marketing support (custom graphics, access to course modules and coaches) {$5000+ value}

* Pay in full bonus of 15 printed books ($400 value)

$250 Deposit + 10 Monthly Payments of $125


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As a co-author, you can purchase books at publisher cost (no mark up) and sell through your own efforts. This results in an $8 - $15 profit p/book. Many of our authors have tripled their investment in the relaunch phases before the book is even published.

Book signings, hosted events and trade shows are just a handful of vehicles our authors have used to sell their book.

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As a YGTM author, you will receive 40% affiliate commission on ALL of our titles sold through your unique link (NOT just on your coauthored book), without having to manage storage, fulfillment and distribution. You are also supporting our other authors.

You also receive a 15 - 50% commission on other products such as programs, event tickets, merch and more.

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Because you own your chapter and intellectual property, you, like many of our authors, can turn your chapter into online courses, seminars, workshops, and other add-ons you can easily monetize.

Adding published author to your resume is a very desirable draw for media spots, podcast interviews and is a great tool for organic growth.


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YGTMama Media Co. Press is a boutique blended publishing house created for humans with big goals and dreams. We have created a safe space for our authors to grow and diversify themselves within the genres of non-fiction, personal development, spiritual enlightenment, health and wellness, love and relationships, motherhood and business as well as children’s books, journals, and personal and professional growth tools. We help motivated writers birth their brain babies. Everyone has a story, we want to be the vehicle to share yours through writing coaching, book ideation and complete or partial publishing services for any stage of your manuscript and business of your book.

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Fulfill the Dream

Become a published author in a best-selling book, without having to write a 60K word manuscript! 

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Guidance and Support

Guidance through the writing process with a team of professional writing coaches and editors.

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Done For You Design

Professional layout, interior typeset and cover design of the final book with your photo on the back cover and name on the front.

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Organic Marketing 

Join The YGTM Team which has a collective following of over 500K, growing daily, including celebrities and influencers.

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Build Your Brand

Adding ‘author’ to your resume gives you credibility and industry authority, opening doors for professional growth.

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Be Featured 

Authors are prime candidates to be featured on media, TV, radio, podcast and blog opportunities.

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Promotional Strategy

Metadata, marketing guides and 3D images to promote within your network and community.

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Worldwide Distribution

Registration of the book on Amazon (worldwide – Canada, USA, UK etc) Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Noble and more.


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Writing Coaching & Ideation

Sometimes we can have a great idea but no idea how to put it into words. Our writing coaches and highly trained editors will help you refine your voice, authentically share your story and build out your book.

✓  One on one coaching 

✓  Writing schedules 

✓  Access to our writers portal

✓  Hand-holding through the process 

Professional Editing 

We have a four-tier professional editing system. Our team helps you develop and refine your voice, removes the worry of technical issues and coaches you through the process.

✓  Developmental

✓  Technical

✓  Copy

✓ Proof-reading

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Interior Book Design

The interior design of a book is just as (if not more so) important as the cover. Interior design is an art form, formatting can be the most daunting task in book publishing.

✓ Typeset 

✓ Formatting 

✓ Interior design + layout

✓ Ebook 

Graphics and Cover Design

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I hate to break it to you, but people do. The cover of your book is what draws people in. Our team designs a beautiful and professionally formatted cover based on your vision with a built-in focus group.

✓ Ideation & focus groups 

✓ Design & formatting (paperback, E-book + audio)

✓ Branding & social graphics

✓ Back cover + spine

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Publishing & Distribution

Deciding to self-publish or join an imprint is a big decision. Our team of over 150 authors and business owners, provide organic marketing and support for one another.

✓ Metadata & distribution 

 ✓ ISBN acquisition & book registration 

✓ Amazon Global + over 39000 international retailers

Organic Marketing Support

While YGTMama is not a PR or marketing agency, we are commited to the success of our authors and books. We offer an array of organic marketing outlets (our 500K+ social reach and emmersive community) as well as marketing support (exclusive author portal and ongoing masterclasses with PR experts). 

✓ Prelaunch campaign + guarenteed Amazon best-seller campaign

✓ Custom graphics and design assets

✓ Influencer reviews and blackbook access (podcasters, TV, radio)

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Audiobook *NEW

Audiobooks are becoming more popular with the surgence of podcasts and the desire to consume content differently. We offer a variety of options to assist with all parts of audiobook production.

✓ Audio editing and mastering (your recorded files)

 ✓ Narration 

✓ Publishing to Audible worldwide

Illustrations and Children's Book Design *NEW

YGTMama is now publishing children's empowerment books. We offer full service children's book publishing or a la carte services too.

✓ Custom illustrations, layout and formatting

✓ Global distribution and fulfillment

✓ Specialized copy and editing

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The Bucket List Program 

For the woman who wants to fulfill her dream of becoming a best-selling author! Here's what's included in your package: 

✓  Professional Copy Editing

✓  Professional Cover, Typesetting and Interior Book Design

✓  Access to The Mama Tribe exclusive Community

✓  Amazon Best Seller Marketing Campaign


The Bucket List Program

3 Monthly Payments of $500 + $165 HST = $565

The Career Author 

For the woman who is ready to play FULL OUT in pursuit of her dream career - an author! Here's what's included in your package: 

✓  Professional Copy Editing

✓  Professional Cover, Typesetting and Interior Book Design

✓  Access to The Mama Tribe exclusive Community

✓  Amazon Best Seller Marketing Campaign

✓  Author Website 

✓  Book Signing Kit with Pop-up Banner, Marketing Materials and More

✓  25 Printed Copies of Your Book

✓  Marketing exposure on various Podcasts, the YGT Mama Blog and social Media Channels

The Career Author Program

Pay in Full: $3000 + 390 HST = $3390
The Career Author Program

4 Equal Payments of $750 + $97.50 = $847.50