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YGTMedia Company is a boutique, blended publishing house serving purpose-driven humans in the pursuit of "birthing their brain babies" aka their books.

We specialize in narrative nonfiction, personal growth and development books, resources (journals, planners, affirmation cards), as well as adult and children’s empowerment books.

We believe that words can change the world, and we intend to do so one book at a time.

We are a full-service hybrid publishing house, not a self-publishing agency or vanity press. We support our authors through a collaborative and educational approach, that is creatively guided by the author.


See what some of our bestselling authors are saying about their experience.





YGTMedia Co. Publishing uses a familial and soul-centred approach to publishing. Our growing team is incredibly mighty and prides themselves in the quality of work. We all operate from our zone of genius and continue to attract aligned members.

Cassie Jeans

Sabrina Greer

Publisher  + Head of House

Sabrina is an 8x best-selling author, publisher, motivational speaker, and mentor to authors. Her passion is to help mission-driven humans "birth their brain babies" and share their valuable message with the world. Sabrina is an open book (pun intended) and aims to provide ethical and powerfully transparent service to all of her clients. When she is not reading manuscripts, writing books or publishing - you will find her hanging with Mama Nature or her three sons!

[email protected]

Courtney St Croix

Doris Chung

Production Manager

Doris is a serial entrepreneur and a highly motivated individual. She has founded multiple businesses in the printing, graphic design, branding, publishing, marketing, PR and fulfillment sectors. Doris founded PPS Publishing. Liquid Ink and more. A woman of many hats, YGTMedia's partnership with Doris is priceless. As production manager, she makes it all come to life and keeps all of our creative brains in line. As art director, she brings our books to life esthetically.

[email protected]

Haylee Stamper

Christine Stock

Editorial Manager

Christine is an editing ninja. She is the final set of eyes on all of our manuscripts. She is a trained copy and technical editor, and powerful writer. Copy editing is a multifaceted job. Ultimately, copy editors strive to meet the four “C’s” of communication: clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness. Christine has edited hundreds of manuscripts with love and magical eyeballs.

[email protected]

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Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

Writing Coach

Tania is an 8x best-selling author, podcast host, multi-passionate entrepreneur, founder of Warrior Life Creative. She is the in-house writing coach, and creative strategist for YGTMedia Co. Tania has been writing, ghostwriting and creating epic content for her clients for over a decade. She helps authors share their authentic voice and message through coaching and connection with pure heart, soul, and passion. We call her our magical word unicorn, because that she is!

[email protected]

Courtney St Croix

Kelly Lamb

Developmental Editor

Kelly is an experienced and award-winning editor whose successful career in publishing has spanned Toronto, L.A., and London. Over the years, she’s enthusiastically collaborated with hundreds of writers to strengthen their stories and polish their prose, and she’s excited to continue that work at YGTMedia. Kelly works closely with our authors to develop their manuscripts in a way that honours their voices.
Courtney St Croix

Michelle Fairbanks

Cover + Children's Book Designer

Designer, colour + typography lover and mama of two, Michelle is fuelled by coffee and blessed to live on the beautiful West Coast. Raised on Vancouver Island, it is easy to be inspired by the beauty of the ocean and forest that surround her. With over 20 years of experience, she strives to keep her designs fresh ... simple, clean + beautiful. Specializing in book cover design, she prides herself on being easy to work with.

[email protected]


Courtney St Croix

Marian Richardson

Copywriter + Creative Writing Strategist

Marian is a copywriter from Florida who loves finding the words to make a meaningful impact on readers. With a background in journalism and creative writing, Marian is big on strategic, heart-centered storytelling. When she's not writing for work, she enjoys writing for pleasure, like Gothic inspired poetry and short stories.
Courtney St Croix

Cody Hilborn

Audio Production Manager

Cody is the audio production manager for YGTMedia Company. He manages everything from the recording process to editing and mastering of our audiobooks and podcasts. He is there every step of the way to turn your story into a captivating audio experience and supports our authors with all of the tech required.
Courtney St Croix

Cassie Jeans

Writing Support Coach + Developmental Editor

Cassie has a love for words inspiring her to write every day. Over the years, that love has turned into a passion for editing and supporting other authors, new writers, and entrepreneurs with their writing projects. Editing is one of the many hats Cassie wears and with everything she creates, the intention is to make something beautiful.



YGTMedia Co. Publishing is a full-service, boutique blended publishing house. Translation: we do 100% of the heavy lifting for you from brainstorm/ideation all the way to post-launch marketing support, allowing you to write your book with ease.

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Writing Coaching + Ghostwriting

Sometimes we can have a great idea but no idea how to put it into words. Our writing coaches and highly trained editors will help you refine your voice, authentically share your story and build out your book.

✓  One on one coaching 

✓  Writing schedules 

✓  Access to our author resource portal

✓  Hand-holding through the process 

Professional Editing 

We have a five-tier professional editorial system. Our team helps you develop and refine your voice, removes the worry of technical or legal issues and coaches you through the process.

✓  Developmental

✓  Structural     ✓  Technical

✓  Copy/Line     ✓  Proof-reading

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Interior Book Design + Layout

The interior design of a book is just as (if not more) important as the cover. Interior design is an art form, formatting can be the most daunting task in book publishing.

✓ Typeset 

✓ Formatting 

✓ Interior design + layout

✓ Ebook 

Graphics + Cover Design

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I hate to break it to you, but people do. The cover of your book is what draws people in. Our team designs a beautiful and professionally formatted cover based on your vision with a built-in focus group.

✓ Ideation & focus groups 

✓ Design & formatting (paperback, E-book + audio)

✓ Branding & social graphics

✓ Back cover + spine

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Publishing + Distribution

Deciding to join an imprint is a big decision. We are extremely proud of our soul-centred, blended model. We provide traditional distribution while the author holds the intellectual property rights and creative control.

✓ Metadata & distribution 

 ✓ Copyright/ISBN acquisition & book registration 

✓ Amazon Global + over 39000 international retailers

Organic Marketing Support

While YGTMedia is not a PR or marketing agency, we are committed to the success of our authors and their books. We offer an array of organic marketing outlets (our 500K+ social reach and immersive community) as well as marketing support (exclusive author portal and ongoing masterclasses with PR experts). 

✓ Prelaunch campaign + Amazon best-seller launch

✓ Custom graphics and design assets

✓ Influencer reviews and Blackbook access (podcasters, TV, radio)

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Audiobook Production

Audiobooks are becoming more popular with the resurgence of podcasts and the desire to consume content differently. We offer a variety of options to assist with all parts of audiobook production.

✓ Audio editing and mastering (your recorded files)

 ✓ Script and spec creation, details on how to create your own recording studio

✓ Narration (if not author read)

✓ Publishing and distributed to Audible, Audiobooks and iTunes worldwide

Children's Books

YGTMedia is now publishing children's empowerment books. We offer full-service children's book publishing or a la carte services too.

✓ Custom illustrations, layout and formatting

✓ Global distribution and fulfillment

✓ Specialized copy and editing

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There are many benefits to choosing the blended publishing model over traditional or self-publishing. At YGTMedia we pride ourselves in our unique and thorough editorial process. We truly believe in quality over quantity and value our authors investments. 

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Additional + Passive Sources of Income

Buy your books at cost to sell on your website, or at events. You also receive 70% royalties and affiliates commissions

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We do the Heavy Lifting + Manage Distribution

Tired of googling how to publish a book and get it distributed? Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the writing.

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Increased Credibility + Thought Leadership

Writing a book opens new doors of opportunity. You hold the copyright to your work and your work becomes your brand/business.

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IP Rights + Creative Control

Unlike traditional publishing, with the blended model, the author holds the copyright, intellectual property rights and creative control.

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Ongoing Education + Resources

Every author in the YGT family has access to our signature mastermind program The Author Generator Society and our resource portal.

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Always Feel Supported + Never Alone

Writing a book can be a very lonely journey, publishing a book, even lonelier. Our global community of like-minded souls will change that.



Our books, journals and resources are available at 39000 + international retailers. We work with well-known bookstores (Indigo, Barnes & Noble) as well as independent book and gift stores.

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We specialize in narrative nonfiction novels (all topics), children's empowerment books and personal development tools such as journals and affirmation cards. If writing a 60000-word manuscript is not on your radar, we have numerous writing program options, including our signature mastermind, The Author Generator Society. We also have collaborative chapter book options.

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Solo Manuscript Submission

Have you always dreamed of writing your own book? Apply today to work with our full publishing team to bring your book to life! Click "Apply Now" below to get started! We offer full-scope hybrid packages to best fulfill your needs. You will receive a response within 48 hours.

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Children's Book Submission

Looking to bring a children's book to life? Apply today to work with our full publishing team. We can offer our preferred illustrators if you don't have your own and manage all stages of your children's book! Click "Apply Now" below to get started! You will receive a response within 48 hours.

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Become a Coauthor

Something magical happens when you team up with like-minded humans to share your experiences with the world. Our collaborative books have 20 authors and each contributor writes a chapter. This is the perfect stepping stone into your career as a published author. See books accepting submissions.

Explore Opportunities
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