Title: e063 - Conscious Parenting with France Tailleur

podcast Feb 09, 2021


Hello Mamas, new week, new energy, and in true love-month mode, today we talk about the love between parents and children and conscious parenting.


We are so excited to bring you to another special guest who will forever change the way you view parenting and how you connect with your children. 


Say hello to France Tailleur, a conscious parenting coach who infuses Human Design and helps parents in their journey to connect with their child. And truthfully, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to have her on the show because right now, there are so many parents struggling to connect with all the new rules and requirements. Over the past year, parents have been juggling the hats of teacher, guidance counselor, mom, dad, friend, chef, chauffeur, and so much more. The resounding question I have come up for both myself and my clients is: How do I connect with my child when they're around all the time?


As France completed her conscious parenting coach certification, she realized that there were still parts of the parent-child dynamic and journey that didn’t make sense just yet. She realized that there was inner consciousness present within each of us—something that enables us to show up in our life a certain way. Except, what many of us have been doing for so long is living according to the ideals and standards set by society instead of living in alignment with who we are at our core. To France, this seemed like a massive disconnect that also showed up within parenthood.


Imagine, you feel like leading from a place of tough love, but a kind, nourishing love, and yet, here you are, trying to follow all the “rules” from the parenting guidebook instead of tuning into what both you and your child(ren) need. Enter conscious parenting, where parenting equals being a guide for your child. For instance, think about a close friend or family member who has a child. How do you interact with their child? Are you the “fun, doting, playful” aunt or are you the rigid, rule maker and disciplinarian? The key lies in striking a balance between the two styles and merely be a guiding force for your child. Where you want what is best for them yet you don’t get stuck in the fear of all that could go wrong if they don’t listen to your guidance. You still love them no matter what they do or say. You love them for who they are—mischief, cuteness overload, quirks, and all the good things! 


When France was first introduced to Human Design, something she came across outside of her conscious parenting certification, it felt like a long awaited homecoming ceremony. The missing link that she knew would help her and many others reparent themselves and also guide their children, forever redefining the parent-child relationship. In her practice, she covers Human Design, Conscious Parenting, and QiGong, as she has found it to be helpful in her own personal journey as well.  Learn more about human design here.


Human Design gives you permission to fully accept yourself for who you are and how you're designed to be. It is fully accepting that it’s okay to be completely different from someone else, and there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to be, there just is you and the way you were designed to be.  It’s incredible to have this shift in perspective because you can feel more connected to yourself, your child, and anyone else in your household. With your child, you now understand that they have their own design, which means they will function a certain way — this means you will have more compassion, grace, and connection with them and yourself. It helps you let go of the need for perfection every step of the way. 



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