e068 - Tapping into Your Power and Clarity ft. Anita Volikis

#podcast Mar 16, 2021

Hey Mamas,

Wow, how has it been one full year of the pandemic? Anyone else feel like we are living in a time capsule of sorts? Or a sci-fi movie? So much in our lives has changed, yet on so many levels, some things still remain the same. You guessed it, I am referring to our thoughts, patterns, behaviors, and how we approach our life on the daily. This is why I am super excited to introduce you today to a very special guest. She is a dear client and author, and someone who I know can help you tap into your inner power and clarity in any area of your life.

Meet Anita Volikis -- she is a master life coach, lawyer, and author. Before becoming a coach, Anita practiced family law in Toronto for nineteen years. Anita helps her clients navigate life transitions with resilience. Anita is an NLP (neurolinguistic programming) practitioner and is certified in The Better Apart® Method for divorce professionals. She is committed to transforming the divorce narrative into something positive and empowering. Anita is the author and editor of two legal publications. She is co-authoring a book about women’s stories of resilience as well as her own solo book, both being published in 2021.

Below are some key takeaways from today's episode:

💡 At every step, no matter the circumstance, we hold the power.

I know, you're probably thinking how do I hold my power or how do I have control over things/people/circumstances beyond my grasp? You're right, you cannot control what happens, but you can reclaim your power by choosing your response.

By choosing how you move forward, what you focus your energy and thoughts on, the actions you take or don't take. 

💡 Awareness will always precede clarity.

In order for something to shift, you must have the awareness that some area of your life needs some TLC, some good old ctrl+alt+del.

When we are aware of our thoughts, our triggers, our sensations, our needs, we then have the ability to get clear on how we want to feel, what we need to achieve a particular outcome, and of course, what we need to release.

💡Unless we are aware of our holding patterns, we cannot make long-term sustainable changes in our lives. To get different results, we must do differently.

We cannot operate from the same area of woundedness. We need to feel our emotions, tap into our inner wisdom, our intuition. And we need to seek help and support from someone who has experienced similar things and comes out the other side thriving. A coach helps shine a light on the areas you want to gain crystal clear clarity in while creating a safe space to help you get there.

To connect with Anita, follow her on Instagram at @anitavolikiscoaching or at anitavolikiscoaching.com

Check out her newest offer: Clarity Day and jumpstart your clarity and healing journey today!

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