e067 - Making HERstory ft. Ashley Lougheed and Jenn Walker

#podcast Mar 10, 2021

Happy International Women's Day (belated) and Women's History Month, Mamas! 

Today's episode is one that celebrates us - as women - no matter who you are, where you're from, or what you do etc. Today's episode celebrates you and your story. We each have a story to share, a story that deserves to be told, a story that changes lives. A story that gives other women around us the permission they need to keep going, to let them know that they belong. They are enough and they are seen and heard. 

I am so excited to share with you our guests today from the Collingwood Foundry x GirlTime Inc. Meet Ashley Lougheed, CEO and founder of Girl Time Inc., a social club for everyday women and women in business. Ashley’s mission is to create a community — a Kula (Sanskrit word for community) — for women, one where they can collaborate and create life-long friendships, live a healthy and active lifestyle, and inspire each other to grow both individually and as a whole. She is a leader and a learner, with a diverse education including an Honors Degree in Sociology, a Bachelor of Education, a Degree in Interior Design, and a Certificate in Event Planning. Ashley believes wholeheartedly that it’s time to connect and celebrate the rise of women as a collective vibration that is fuelled with love and compassion, bravery and greatness, empowerment, and the readiness to thrive. She saw the needs, wants, and interests of women new and local to our town, and has built a community to service those needs. At the end of the day, she is definitely a woman you want in your corner.

If there are a few things you take away in reflection, let it be these:

💡Share HERStory. Empower the women around you, truly. It's okay to let one another in. Heart-centred and mission-driven collaborations are the way to cultivating a sense of community, belonging, and writing our stories.

💡Your story matters. You belong. Take up as much space as you need, unapologetically. For far too long, women have been taught to view each other as "others" or competitors. She isn't your competitor. When one of you wins, all of you win. It changes the generational and sociocultural dialogue.

💡Be the one who goes first and paves a way for others. Kula means community, family; a space where everyone is welcome as they are. Embrace the women within your community and don't be afraid to venture out and welcome others into your space. Curate the energy in your spaces but also be the light that gives others hope.

To connect with Ashley or Jenn, reach out to them at www.girltimeinc.ca or follow them on Instagram at @girltimeinc @diveheartfirst

To register for the HERstory event brought to you by Collingwood Foundry x GirlTime Inc, go to www.collingwoodfoundry.com/IWD

The Collingwood Foundry and Girl Time Inc. featuring Sabrina Greer of YGTMAMA and musical guest Laura Conning of Route 26 are running this free (by donation - all donations going to Mamas for Mamas) online event dedicated to empowering businesswomen to deeply connect with their story and inspire them to share it by giving them the tools and tips to write and share it through books, podcasts, blogs, and more. Each attendee will be given the chance to work on their story and share it with the group. Additionally, one attendee will win a $3,000 Women in Business Grant. Plus, more gifts and prizes to be won between 7:45pm - 8pm to kick off the evening!!

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Until next week!



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