e065 - Find Your Joy and Get Unstuck ft Carol Elizabeth

podcast Feb 24, 2021


Hello Mamas,


How are you today? Do you ever feel like you’re wearing more hats than ever… mom, wife, partner, CEO or (insert your professional title here), boo-boo kisser, chauffeur, chef, best friend, and more… if so then today’s episode is just for you! Because we are more than just our titles and accolades we strive for. We are more than the hats we don every single day. And when we are able to tap into that something more, magic occurs and spreads itself into every area of our lives. But how do we find the magic in the mundane? How do we get unstuck when everyday feels like a repeat of Schitt's Creek? How do we shake ourselves up and take charge of our lives and show up for ourselves? By finding our sparkle… our joy… that thing that lights us up and leaning all the way into it. No looking back.


We have with us today, the vivacious and soulful Carol Elizabeth. She is a self-proclaimed International Sparkle spreader. A former couch potato turned 2-time international fitness pro (at age 43 and 46) and a former SAHM turned 7 figure multi-business owner, Carol is passionate about helping women get out of the stuck that sucks and into the success that serves themselves and their communities. 


Here are some key takeaways from today’s episode:

💡Change starts with us first. You have to do it for yourself, or else it won't be sustainable. This one is self-explanatory, but we thought we would drive home this point a bit more. Truth is, we all desire change on some level, but very few of us will actively seek it and continue showing up for that change we desire. Made you think, didn’t we? Consider this, have you ever joined a fitness challenge, mastermind, or taken a course etc, but barely shown up to it? There could be a couple reasons such as life/ marriage/children/work got in the way… and we get that, life happens. But on a deeper level, we don’t show up because we might think we are not worthy of the results we know we are capable of achieving… we are worried about the dynamics that will shift in our life and relationships with ourselves and others… or we start these things because someone else (partner, parents, friends, boss) thinks we “should” do this. So the motivation isn’t intrinsic. And for change to be sustainable (even when you stumble, which you will from time to time), we need to want it for ourselves more than anyone else wants it for us.


💡 There is more to you than the titles and accolades. We are more than a mom, wife, friend, etc. Who are you at your core? What lights you up? Take the time to figure that out. Often we get too carried away with the different roles we are expected to play in our lives. And there is nothing wrong with that, but far too often, we see way too many women who have lost that sparkle from their eye, their smiles aren’t quite the cheek-to-cheek grin anymore, and their eyes, though lit up, feel exhausted and hollow. The reason for this is that we have forgotten to pursue our joy - be it going for a light run outdoors, reading a new book, buying something for just us, taking an hour to ourselves each day to do something that makes us happy. It’s easy to constantly eat only the leftovers… reheat that cuppa coffee 3-5x before you even take your first sip, be overwhelmed in a mountain load of clean laundry that needs to be folded, and meals that need to be made etc… the list goes on. In fact, it exhausts us even just thinking about it and typing it, but we see you. We really do. Because we’ve been there too. The next time you are faced with deep overwhelm, take a deep breath and exhale all the titles, expectations, “shoulds,” and anything else that you’ve been pressurizing yourself to do. As you inhale, breathe in joy, love, excitement, and think of what brings you peace, makes you feel light, and more YOU. Whatever that was, make a plan to do that for yourself.


💡Focus on the things that bring you joy. If it doesn't, it has to go. Similar to the point above, if it/they drain your energy, it has got to go. This could be a job, a relationship or friendship, house chores, admin tasks in your business or anything not in your zone of genius, perhaps even your own patterns and behaviours. If it doesn’t serve you and is causing you more harm than good, it has got to go. Keep that energy flowing by doing things that bring you joy. Outsource your house chores… instacart your groceries… hire a VA or personal assistant, let go of unaligned relationships (yes, even in business). You get our drift. Instead of thinking of it as I can’t afford to “lose” or “let go” of said thing… think of it this way: What do you stand to gain when you release the things that no longer bring you joy?


💡Don’t take advice from anyone who isn't where you desire to be. Energy and thoughts are powerful. Monitor who you're around. What's in your newsfeed is feeding you, so choose wisely - online and offline. You have a choice. We get it, Mama. Right now the world is a smorgasbord of heaviness and humor packed in one goopy pudding. And it doesn’t always feel good. And half the time we are trying to stay informed while also protecting ourselves and our children. To that we will say, don’t live in fear. Fear of what could go wrong, fear of (insert your deepest fear). Why? Because every moment that you spend living in fear, you are taking away from the present moments that are filled with joy and love. Life and business are hard. Motherhood is hard. And being in crappy energy is harder. Surround yourself with those who elevate you and who you can elevate too. Be mindful of what you choose to consume on social media, podcasts, books, conversations with friends and family, etc. You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you, that’s quite the mind twister, isn’t it?! Here’s the tea: You cannot control how others perceive you, behave toward you, or anything else for that matter. What you can control however is your mindset and heartset and who you let influence that - online and offline.


We hope you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it! Stay connected with Carol Elizabeth via Instagram @am_carolelizabeth and at www.carolelizabeth.com


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