e064 - Write Your Book ft. Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

podcast Feb 16, 2021


Hello Mamas, we are back this week post-Valentines' weekend with a juicy episode on all things writing your next book! Here's the thing: How you feel matters. Your story and journey matter. For many of us, this past year has left us feeling every emotion. Yet you have evolved and grown so much over the past year! And with that, so has your life story, perspective, and journey. We have seen a rise in the sheer amount of humans wanting to write their book, share their story, and make their dreams a reality... even amidst a lockdown.


Today we have someone special... our developmental editor and creative partner, my biz bestie/my word unicorn/brand jenga-ist... say hello to Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz, a woman of many capes. Wife and mama. Self-expression mentor and storyteller, energetic lightworker, and overall creative strategist. 5x best-selling author, Host of The Holistic Warrior Life Podcast, and brand photographer. She is the Founder of The Holistic Warrior Life Co. and Warrior Life Creative Co.—a full-scale creative agency specializing in nurture content marketing for heart-inspired entrepreneurs and brands.


In today’s episode, learn how to:

💡Create a sacred space that fosters your creativity. Be your own hype girl and get an accountability buddy. Your mind cannot thrive in clutter, chaos, and an endless sea of things that need to be folded/ cleaned / dusted all around you. Create a corner in your home that is just for you so you feel energized and refueled every time you sit down to write. Your environment matters. If it is near impossible to cultivate a mini-workspace for yourself at home, voice memo notes to yourself via your voice note app or Otter.ai. 


💡Prioritize your writing. Show up for yourself. Share your story. It can change lives, you better believe it. Your muse won't show up for you unless you show up for her. What you do when you feel resistance show up matters. Often, we don’t prioritize our writing/ or our dreams because we either have a crack in our self-belief, don’t have the tools and resources we need, or we simply need the accountability. Figure out what stops you back and find a solution to help you navigate that. Is it getting away from negative self-talk and negative opinions of others? Cool, find a new friend group online or sign up for a mentorship program that helps you stay in your zone of genius. Need resources? Become resourceful, ask for help from those who have done it before you and are where you desire to be. 


💡The differences between traditional vs. self-publishing vs. hybrid publishing. Discover developmental editing and storytelling its importance when writing your book. The old ways of traditional publishing are slowly losing their grasp on the publishing world. This isn’t to say that the big five traditional publishers don’t churn out thousands of books each year, but that’s just it! It’s hard to break into traditional publishing not to mention the amount of red tape you have to navigate while publishing your book that route. Self-publishing, on the other hand, gives you total creative control, but that also means that you are 100% in charge of all the logistics from editing to book and cover design, marketing, registering your ISBN and more. Enter hybrid publishing, which gained quick popularity and soon got a bad rap. Hybrid publishing allows you creative control, but not all hybrid publishers vet their manuscripts or have a thorough editorial process. At the end of the day, do your research, ask around, identify what matters to you and what you most need, and decide from there.


💡Lastly, it is 100% possible to write a book within 6 months. Yes, yes, you can and there we said it. Too many people complicate things by overthinking the process. How about simplifying and demystifying the process? Let’s break this down, shall we? If you have time to scroll social media, you have time to write one IG post which is 365 words aka 2200 characters... Do the math. 365 words for 180 days = 65K word manuscript. That’s about six months! This same process can be used for content repurposing, and nurturing your audience on various platforms!


I hope you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it! I hope you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it! LOVE the idea of writing your masterpiece and sharing it with the world? Check out our signature program, Author Generator Society - the only mastermind-style group coaching program for authors where you will write your book in 6 months! Connect with a group of motivated humans by your side in the same boat as you, receive ongoing support and guidance from industry professionals, get real-time feedback on your work from experienced editors and best-selling authors, and have people holding you accountable to your work and deadlines!


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