e059 - Dads Are Parents Too with Eli Weinstein

#podcast Jan 12, 2021


Hi Mama, and welcome to another week! Woohoo! We’ve made it one week into 2021 so far! And here we are, still remote schooling, working from home, momming, and doing all the things. But guess what, Mama? We’ve totally got this! 


I know it may feel like our motherload often goes unnoticed, and the last year has heightened it more so for both parents everywhere. While the maternal experience is shared about more openly more and more each year, today, we are in for a treat! We bring to you a husband/ father/ therapist’s perspective on motherhood and mental health.


Meet Eli Weinstein, a social work therapist who has worked in a psychiatric hospital, intense outpatient clinic, and currently works in a community clinic in queens. He created ELIvation to fill a need to help those in struggling times and add extra inspiration and motivation into everyday life. Eli has been featured on Kelly Clarkson show, IVF Warrior, Fruitful, Breaking Taboo and on multiple podcast ranging from parenting, relationships, mental health, and infertility. His main goal is to help people on their journey to add support, care, empathy, expertise, and insight. He runs events, seminars, and individual coaching on topics from mental health awareness, public speaking coaching, relationship coaching, and confidence-boosting.


In a time where there is greater awareness about mental health, specifically maternal mental health, it’s time to turn the conversation to the other side. Dads, we see you too! Parenthood is the best, most rewarding, and yet the most tiring adventure you will ever go on!


In a time where our lives have no physical boundaries and separation between school and home, work and home, add to that continuous lockdowns, it’s safe to say that mental health has become a big conversation in 2020 and now in 2021.


We had to pivot, adjust at the drop of a hat, postpone or cancel our travel plans and events, make sure the kids are doing okay, the client work still gets done, our jobs still take priority, and oh, the joys of remote learning. Much of which is continuing thus far into 2021. But in all of this, Mama, how are you doing? Who’s asking you if you’re doing okay? Could you use a vacation? Could you use just a few moments alone to take a deep, calming breath? Perhaps you could use a whole day to sleep in and do nothing. Or maybe just sleep, since you’ve been existing in “there’s a saber toothed tiger chasing me” mode for the last year.


Your adrenaline is pumping, you’re powering through, day after day thinking this will end, right?


And it will, Mama. This too shall pass. But in the meanwhile, Mama, take a deep breath, get some fresh air, take a step back. Unplug from it all. Self-care isn’t just bubble baths, manicures and pedicures. It’s taking an hour to yourself to move your body, taking care of your body - staying hydrated, sleeping well, eating well. Connecting with loved ones (even if it’s virtually). What does self-care mean to you? Schedule that in so that you put on your own oxygen mask first.

💡Listen and hold space for one another. Tune out the noise. Listen with intention. It is a skill that can be developed.

💡It’s okay for your roles to be mixed and matched. Take a moment, breathe, and refocus on what you need to do in the moment. 

💡It’s okay to pivot. It means you are readjusting, going with the flow so that you can handle what life throws at you. It’s okay to ease the pressure. Stop “should-ing” yourself. 

💡Practice situational triage: Is this situation life or death? Can it be moved to later? Who/What do you need help or support?

💡Self-care means self-awareness. What do YOU need to thrive? To show up for yourself and others? Where do you need support? What do you enjoy? What makes you feel nourished and relaxed?

I know it seems like we are in a rerun of Shitt’s Creek. But all things aside, Mama, we have got this. We are queens of pivoting, adapting, and trusting our instinct. So lean into that. You do not need to be on every zoom call, every Clubhouse room, or plugged into the Instagram scroll. You don’t need to be a social media home-school mom. Have actual business hours and set those boundaries. Schedule all that matters to you. That’s how you ensure you will be taken care of. And It’s okay to allow your kids to plug into class, or not. Take what you and your family need most. If the noise overwhelms you, remove the notifications from your phone. Unfollow anyone that sends you down the comparison matrix. And of course, it’s okay to not shop everywhere. Take what you need so that you can show up fully. Your mental health and wellbeing comes first. And when in doubt, know that we’ve got you, Mama! Tune into this podcast, connect with us whenever you need that extra inspiration, that dose of kind but tough love. This season we will be interviewing some incredible guest experts and sharing all sorts of tools and resources to help you truly understand that no matter where you are on your journey or what the highlight reel shows, you’ve totally got this!


I hope you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it! 

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See you next week!


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