e069 - Loving Your Blended Family ft Jamie Murray

podcast Mar 23, 2021


Hey Mamas,

Today's episode is one that I am certain many of you will enjoy listening to as we talk about all things blended families. Let's face it, no longer is our family structure rigid and nuclear. In fact, blended families have always existed, but only over the last handful of decades have we as a society been more open and accepting of them. Raising children is hard work. Marriage is hard work. Navigating family dynamics in any family is hard work. But what happens when you're doing it all over again, in a new relationship and you both have children from prior relationships, and you come together to have an "our baby"? Yep, that's right, things get incredibly messy, but they are oh so worth it. And that is what we are going to talk about today. We are going to hang in the grey areas of motherhood and parenting, the ones we know we want to talk about, but aren't shared enough. Here's to every single mom, dad, and child navigating their perfectly unique blended family!


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e068 - Tapping into Your Power and Clarity ft. Anita Volikis

#podcast Mar 16, 2021

Hey Mamas,

Wow, how has it been one full year of the pandemic? Anyone else feel like we are living in a time capsule of sorts? Or a sci-fi movie? So much in our lives has changed, yet on so many levels, some things still remain the same. You guessed it, I am referring to our thoughts, patterns, behaviors, and how we approach our life on the daily. This is why I am super excited to introduce you today to a very special guest. She is a dear client and author, and someone who I know can help you tap into your inner power and clarity in any area of your life.

Meet Anita Volikis -- she is a master life coach, lawyer, and author. Before becoming a coach, Anita practiced family law in Toronto for nineteen years. Anita helps her clients navigate life transitions with resilience. Anita is an NLP (neurolinguistic programming) practitioner and is certified in The Better Apart® Method for divorce professionals. She is committed to transforming the divorce narrative into something positive...

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e067 - Making HERstory ft. Ashley Lougheed and Jenn Walker

#podcast Mar 10, 2021

Happy International Women's Day (belated) and Women's History Month, Mamas! 

Today's episode is one that celebrates us - as women - no matter who you are, where you're from, or what you do etc. Today's episode celebrates you and your story. We each have a story to share, a story that deserves to be told, a story that changes lives. A story that gives other women around us the permission they need to keep going, to let them know that they belong. They are enough and they are seen and heard. 

I am so excited to share with you our guests today from the Collingwood Foundry x GirlTime Inc. Meet Ashley Lougheed, CEO and founder of Girl Time Inc., a social club for everyday women and women in business. Ashley’s mission is to create a community — a Kula (Sanskrit word for community) — for women, one where they can collaborate and create life-long friendships, live a healthy and active lifestyle, and inspire each other to grow both individually and as a whole....

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e066 - March-ing on with gratitude, grace, and reflection

podcast Mar 10, 2021

Hey Mamas,

It is officially March, and we are here, marchin' on, pun very much intended! How are you feeling? Today's episode is a short one because I wanted to kick off this month with some gratitude and reflection.

In a few days, it will also be a year since our world and lives shifted. Some for the better, some incredibly challenging. But all of it valid. For many of us, we went into wearing all the hats, juggling everything on a 24/7 basis.  For some of us, businesses grew, families grew, relationships blossomed. And for some of us, things fell apart... only to slowly guide us to where we are meant to be, and within those moments, we still found grace, we found compassion, we found loss and love. We found ourselves.

For some of us, the past year was a chance to be present with our families, a much-needed break, and respite from the daily hustle. For some, the year couldn't have gotten any worse. I've heard all perspectives. No matter what the past year looked like or felt...

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e065 - Find Your Joy and Get Unstuck ft Carol Elizabeth

podcast Feb 24, 2021


Hello Mamas,


How are you today? Do you ever feel like you’re wearing more hats than ever… mom, wife, partner, CEO or (insert your professional title here), boo-boo kisser, chauffeur, chef, best friend, and more… if so then today’s episode is just for you! Because we are more than just our titles and accolades we strive for. We are more than the hats we don every single day. And when we are able to tap into that something more, magic occurs and spreads itself into every area of our lives. But how do we find the magic in the mundane? How do we get unstuck when everyday feels like a repeat of Schitt's Creek? How do we shake ourselves up and take charge of our lives and show up for ourselves? By finding our sparkle… our joy… that thing that lights us up and leaning all the way into it. No looking back.


We have with us today, the vivacious and soulful Carol Elizabeth. She is a self-proclaimed International Sparkle spreader. A...

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e064 - Write Your Book ft. Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

podcast Feb 16, 2021


Hello Mamas, we are back this week post-Valentines' weekend with a juicy episode on all things writing your next book! Here's the thing: How you feel matters. Your story and journey matter. For many of us, this past year has left us feeling every emotion. Yet you have evolved and grown so much over the past year! And with that, so has your life story, perspective, and journey. We have seen a rise in the sheer amount of humans wanting to write their book, share their story, and make their dreams a reality... even amidst a lockdown.


Today we have someone special... our developmental editor and creative partner, my biz bestie/my word unicorn/brand jenga-ist... say hello to Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz, a woman of many capes. Wife and mama. Self-expression mentor and storyteller, energetic lightworker, and overall creative strategist. 5x best-selling author, Host of The Holistic Warrior Life Podcast, and brand photographer. She is the Founder of The Holistic Warrior Life Co. and...

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Title: e063 - Conscious Parenting with France Tailleur

podcast Feb 09, 2021


Hello Mamas, new week, new energy, and in true love-month mode, today we talk about the love between parents and children and conscious parenting.


We are so excited to bring you to another special guest who will forever change the way you view parenting and how you connect with your children. 


Say hello to France Tailleur, a conscious parenting coach who infuses Human Design and helps parents in their journey to connect with their child. And truthfully, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to have her on the show because right now, there are so many parents struggling to connect with all the new rules and requirements. Over the past year, parents have been juggling the hats of teacher, guidance counselor, mom, dad, friend, chef, chauffeur, and so much more. The resounding question I have come up for both myself and my clients is: How do I connect with my child when they're around all the time?


As France completed her conscious parenting coach...

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e062 - Hello February, Let’s Get Some Self-Love in, shall we?

#podcast Feb 02, 2021

Hi Mamas! 

Happy February! We made it! New month, new energy!

You may still be navigating homeschooling or distance learning or lockdown or quarantine or some version of whatever this crazy life is at the moment, but with February being the month of love, I wanted to talk about a different kind of love on the podcast.

No, not marriage or relationships, or motherhood and kids…

No, Mama, the love I am talking about is something that's actually a little trendy at the moment. You see it all around through the 1,000,001 influencers on social media, all the ad campaigns by retailers and your fave boutique shops… that’s right, I am talking about self-love. I want to talk about the nitty-gritty pieces of self-love and what it actually means… and yes, it doesn’t always mean bubble baths, clay masks, and whatever else you see online.

I know, roll your eyes, I get it. We've all heard it; I preach about self-care and self-love all the time.

While it's...

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Uncategorized Jan 29, 2021

The earliest memory I have isn't of a traumatic incident or some kind of tragedy but of an all-encompassing emotion and experience of a different kind. I remember seeing my first National Geographic magazine on the coffee table at my cottage. The fireplace burning beside the window with a beautiful ray of light shining directly on this magazine as if to say, “pick me up, I will change your life little girl.” I recall digging through the colourful pages, thinking "wow, there is so much out there to explore, this world is so much greater than I am." I could barely contain my desire to immediately go out and see it. Obviously, at four years old this wasn't a possibility, yet

You see neither of my parents had ever stepped foot on an airplane or even left our province, bless their hearts. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that my parents devoted their lives to caring for children as foster parents. All my fellow mamas out there know how challenging travel is with...

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e060 - Launch Your Kid with Jane Kristoffy

#podcast Jan 19, 2021

Hey Mamas,


We are back with another must-listen episode this week!  This new year sure looks and feels different than the ones before, but one thing we know for sure is how we want to feel… how we want our kiddos to feel.


We are incredibly excited to share with you Jane Kristoffy, MEd, an educational strategist who helps students find their academic direction. She motivates kids to unleash their potential by helping them develop their learning and life skills, and find their passions and strengths. 


A teacher and guidance counsellor for over twenty-five years, Jane founded Right Track in 2012. She’s a popular speaker on a variety of education and parenting topics, and a regular guest expert on national television news programs. She is the author of her first book titled, Launch Your Kid: How to Promote Your Child’s Academic and Personal Success (without being a helicopter parent), which is jam-packed with no-nonsense tips for...

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