Welcome to YGTMedia Co.

Hi, I'm Sabrina,

Founder and visionary of this establishment. People also call me “The Book Doula.” Why? Because I, along with my powerhouse team, help purpose-driven humans, like yourself, birth their book babies!

I have helped hundreds of aspiring writers become best-selling authors in the nonfiction, children's empowerment, and personal development spaces, and I would be honored to help you too.

Do you have a book in your brain and on your heart? Let's chat about how we can support you!

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Who is YGTMedia Co.?

YGT stands for "you've got this" because we know you do. We are a boutique, blended, full-service publishing house, serving soul-aligned, purpose-driven humans in the pursuit of birthing their brain babies. 

Translation: We help you, with 100% of the logistics, from ideation to post-launch marketing support and everything in between with the writing and production of your book. We specialize in narrative nonfiction (personal development books/memoirs), children's empowerment books, and resources (journals/affirmation cards).

Our goal is to make book writing and publishing more accessible and inclusive. YGTMedia Co. uses a collaborative, and familial approach to all things book business.

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Hi, I'm Sara

I'm the COO (Cheif Operations Officer) over here at the YGT Fam. I am the one who makes it all run, from automation, tech support and your author welcome package!

Hi, I'm Doris

Production Manager here! I will be the one keeping you organized and on time, from start to finish! You will always feel supported and in communication with who you need on the team.

Hi, I'm Christine

Editorial Manager here at YGTMedia. No book gets birthed into the world without my review. My team makes sure your baby is legal, well-written and error-free!

Hi, I'm Michelle

I'm the book cover and children's book designer here at YGTMedia. I make sure your vision combined with our art direction, helps bring your beautiful book baby to life esthetically.

Want to write a book but don't know where to start?

We've got you! Our signature program, Author Generator, has two formats to help you write your manuscript—in six months!

☑️ Designed for the DIYer, the author that is motivated to create their own deadlines + use the resources without handholding.

☑️ No time commitments, everything is self-paced + self-guided with recommended writing schedules + time-management tools.

☑️ Perfect for the introverted author. Aside from a bimonthly Zoom meetup + an optional Facebook community, there is no face time.

☑️ Smaller investment. Upgrade at any time with no additional fees. Receive a complimentary Brain to Book accompaniment journal.

Join the Author Generator Academy

☑️ Designed for the author craving community + support, proximity to industry professionals, deadlines + tough love.

☑️ Weekly Zoom calls with biweekly rotation from co-writing/connection (mastermind) calls and guest industry experts (group coaching).

☑️  Perfect for the author seeking accountability, connection to like-minded peers, and intimate coaching/feedback from industry experts.

☑️ Larger investment. Includes 1:1 with publisher + editorial team. Receive a complimentary Brain to Book accompaniment journal.

Join the Author Generator Society

We have something for everyone!

Wherever you are on your writing journey, we've got something for you! 100% of our writing coaching and publishing packages are customized because we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to you and your book baby!

Book a complimentary discovery call!

Let's discover how we can support you on the journey to becoming an author.


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